About J.A.A.C.

This is a “gazette” style blog by Just An Average Canadian…father, employee, investor, entrepreneur, loving, innovative guy that understands the struggles of everyday life. I love writing, so I will keep posting positive thoughts about well being, self improvement and all that good stuff. Like most of you, I am an everyday consumer so I will be posting some product reviews from time to time. I also believe we are entering turbulent times ans Shit is about to Hit the Fan. I’m getting ready and I hope you are too.

I also enjoy hearing people vent!? It kinda makes my day. So if you have anything to get off your chest, feel free to do it on my contact page. I’ll most definitely read it.

My name is Jay and I am the owner of the J.A.A.C blog site (Just An Average Canadian) and my company GOBS (Great Offers Bargains and Services) which I’ve just launched independently.

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