What It Takes to Get Fit in your 40’s

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Back in January, I can remember waking up feeling pretty disgusted with myself. I was in no way obese and I’m sure my friends didn’t think I was fat, but deep down, I was disgusted.

Looking at my unshaped arms every morning would make me both angry and sad inside. I hated sitting at my computer desk because I would feel discomfort from my gut pushing up against my stomach.

I’d find myself being out of breath after taking short distance walks with my daughter. Come to think of it, I’d be out of breath just going up the stairs.

It didn’t make sense to me because I was working out 3 times a week. At the time, my macros were 50% Carb, 30% protein and 20% fat.

161 lbs May 17th 2019Felt disgusting on my birthday- Sorry for the bad picture

Not only was I not pleased with myself aesthetically, but I also wasn’t feeling my best. I’d have weird issues when trying to fall asleep like numbness, random sweats and pains in my joints.

I would feel so lethargic at times that I would yawn during some of my workout sessions. I once stopped dead in the middle of a lift to go and take a nap. Clearly I wasn’t giving it my best efforts.

158 lbs – May 30th 2019Diet start date

By fate, I landed on Dr. Eric Berg‘s YouTube channel. Dr. Eric Berg is a strong advocate of keto dieting.

Mind you that when I started watching his videos, it wasn’t for his talks about keto. His knowledge and discussions about my various symptoms kept me intrigued.

He was giving me answers.

Dr. Berg’s punchline is that a ketogenic diet can reverse a lot of the diseases out there and that high carbohydrates and sugar are main causes for inflammation. It all relates to insulin spikes.

After watching most of his catalog along with other You Tubers that were supporting the same theories, I drew a conclusion that the pain I was feeling was due to inflammation.

Yes, i probably should have seen a doctor, but I didn’t. I just decided to eat like a diabetic and track what happens.

*If you suffer from inflammation such as I did, it could be due to low magnesium. If you are having issues coping with the pain and need fast relief, you should pick up some Magnesium Oil. It reduces inflammation and surprisingly takes the pain away very quickly.

151 lbs- July 1st 2019

A ketogenic diet is very strict and requires that an individual have about 90-95% of their daily intake from healthy fat sources. I think that is crazy and definitely not for me. I opted to create a low carbohydrate diet for myself where 55% of my sources would come from fat, 25% from protein and 20% from carbohydrates.

I cut all breads, pastas, rice, grains, processed foods and starches from my diet.

*Another important note is that I greatly reduced my sugar intake. I did not allow myself more than 60 g of sugar per day. Most of my sugar intake came from fruits and vegetables.

I started this plan on May 30th and as of August 1st, I must admit that I am in the best shape ever at the age of 40. Allow me to break down the benefits that I’ve observed since May 30th:

  1. I’ve lost 12 pounds and my strength has increased. I don’t know if my muscles grew but I certainly got stronger, much stronger.
  2. No bloating, no gas, no indigestion.
  3. My allergies have gotten better.
  4. I can now see my abs every day with no flexing, even after eating.
  5. My energy is through the roof. I cannot stop moving and sometimes I work out twice a day, no yawning.
  6. My stamina is back. I go for long runs and rarely run out of breath.
  7. I’ve been having the best sleep, no interruptions or issues falling asleep.
  8. I think clearer and I’m less forgetful. (Probably because I sleep better).
  9. No inflammation. I no longer have to wear my knee brace when doing calisthenics.
  10. I’m learning new recipes and I’m always cooking for myself. It’s easier to track my meals and to monitor what goes in my body.
  11. So many compliments. Everyone at the office is telling me how good I look without them even knowing that I am dieting or working out. My confidence level is rising.

Remember, as pictured above on May 17th and 30th, i was never considered “fat”.

142 lbs – August 1st 2019

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s sufficient evidence to see that following a proper eating regimen is key to your success. Abs are indeed made in the kitchen.

Dieting can be boring if you let it be, but I’ve found ways to make sure I consistently stick to it and I will be sharing that on future posts. I will also be sharing delicious low carb recipes along the way.

It took a lot of mental and physical commitment to get where I’m at. Mental as in you need to resist the urges of cheating on your diet or missing workouts. And physical as you need to be active and consistently moving. This lifestyle has to become an addiction.

We shouldn’t be tired old people at 40.

I used to dread turning 40, but now I’m looking forward to enjoy it; fit, healthy and debt free.

If you’re 40 and over (or close to it), let me know how you’re feeling.

Live life, my friends,

Jaymes RotneM

The Fit Photographer

** If you are struggling to lose weight or you’re experiencing symptoms and you don’t have a doctor (or refuse to see one), I recommend at least checking Dr. Eric Berg. He makes a lot of sense with his breakdowns. Although I don’t follow his keto diet, I sure learned a lot from him.

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