What To Know About Ottawa Asian Fest

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I must say, I was pleasantly surprised!

I’ve lived in Ottawa for most of my life and I had never heard of the Ottawa Asian Fest that takes place in Chinatown. This year, I heard about it through an Instagram post by Two Asian Girls In Ottawa (you should check them out, they have an interesting page). Since I’m working on developing my photography skills, I made sure to go and check out the event.

I was on my own and arrived at around 11 p.m. and stayed for about 3 hours. I had a great time strolling through the crowd, watching the cooks prep the meals and capturing images of the nightlife. I will definitely be attending again next year. If you ever get a chance to attend this event, you should keep reading.


Food, food and more food. That’s what it was. From the moment you set foot in Ottawa’s Chinatown Royal Gateway, you were hit with fantastic aromas from all around.

I’m talking about fried chicken, Churros, fried squids, cotton candy and all kinds of other tasteful Asian treats. I made 2 mistakes attending this festival without first researching what it was about.

  1. I normally eat only between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Walking though there at midnight had my stomach growling and it was nearly impossible not to eat something.
  2. It was A LOT OF CARBS. My estimate was that I doubled (or tripled) my carbs allowance with just one treat at the festival.


If you are on a diet or have a physical goal in mind such as I did, make sure you eat something before going to such events so that you can try to curb your temptations while you’re there. I don’t think there was anything I could consider “healthy there.

On the flip side, those that did bring their appetites were greeted by extremely long line ups at most food stands. As I was walking through the crowd, I could hear people bickering how annoyed they were with the wait times.

When I do go again next year, I will make it a cheat day. I will make sure to show up with an appetite…and a snack for the line up.

There was entertainment the whole night with a center stage for performers. Not too far from the entertainers stage was a dancing area with some pretty good music that appeased the diverse crowd.

I attended on Friday night and it was peaceful with no nonsense, violence or any type of issues. I’m sure that a good time was had by all and I certainly recommend attending this event with family and friends.

Live life, my friends,

Jaymes RotneM

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