A Home Renovation Gone Wrong

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Why it’s a Bad Idea to put your D.I.Y renovation on credit cards as an amateur.

To be clear, I want to specify that the title of this post is fully directed to first-time amateur renovators such as my dear friend whom I am referencing in this article. This is a story of how a simple idea such as knocking down a middle wall between her kitchen and her dining room can turn out to be a 4-year nightmare. Mind you, her estimated completion time to complete this kitchen renovation on her own was 4–6 months.

How this story has not ended up in an episode of D.I.Y renovation gone wrong on H.G.T.V is beyond me. I got to sit back and watch issue after issue arise.

Allow me to elaborate.

Kitchen Area

First, as I mentioned, the original plan was just to knock the wall between the 2 areas down to have an open style kitchen/dining room and living room. But since there was still carpeting throughout the whole house and it would not look right with the design, the idea then became to add wood flooring throughout the dining room, living room and the kitchen.

In my mind, I already knew she would be going over budget, but she had a high paying job so I figured she could handle it. The amount for the materials and equipment were quite expensive, but the real money burner was the electrical services.

You see, somewhere along the way, she had decided to get pot lights installed for the new kitchen/dining room and living room space. In my opinion, this was something that could have waited until the renovation was completed but she chose to do it during the demolition phase.

It does make sense since you don’t want to have the walls and ceilings getting destroyed twice. However, she had no funds for it at the time so she threw it all on a credit card.

From there, everything started going wrong.

Living room area

Let me list just a few of the misfortunes my friend had to overcome:

· She broke her foot carrying plywood from the delivery point to the inside of her home. She was out of commission for 1–2 months.

· There was some sort of confusion with the electrical contractors for the rewiring services and pot light installation. That oversight cost her a few thousands.

· The addition of a pantry was a great idea but cost additional time getting done.

· Home Depot noticed her credit usage increasing rapidly and chose to cut her credit limits. Another setback to her plans.

· She needed to start borrowing funds from her parents.

· She’s gone multiple winters without a kitchen, a living room or a floor. Hydro use was increasing as the heat kept escaping; her money was escaping her too.

· She kept falling behind at her actual job. She had already quit 2 of them during this renovation project.

· Going out with friends and attending events added to her inconsistencies.

As I said, those were just a few and I’ve got to tell you, all this stress can’t be good for her health or relationship either. We’ll leave her personal affairs alone; this story is strictly about a renovation gone horribly wrong.

As mentioned, she is now entering year 4 and I’m getting involved. I’m not doing any of that work, but I will work on other things around the house that may need fixing. Her plan is to rent the location out and the upstairs is equally an issue that needs handling before she can think of leasing it to tenants.

I will be providing some handyman services upstairs and document them through my blog. I wish I had some before pictures of this location to post.

The pictures you are viewing are as of July 19th, 2019. Sadly, this has been going on since October 2015. If you value your time and money, please have a better plan and budget than my friend. And make sure you are consistent with your plan.

Stay tuned as I also have a renovation going on in the outskirts of Ottawa and I will be posting a blog about it shortly. The conclusion to this disaster renovation will be coming soon…I hope.

Leave a comment if you know of any similar stories such as this one.

Live life, my friends,

Jaymes Rotnem

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