Superbowl LIII- A massive cheat day!

Pizza, wings, breadsticks, brownies (the special ones) & soda are all on the menu this evening for a Superbowl LIII matchup that features my favourite team, the LA Rams set to go against the team I despise the most in football, the New England Patriots.

This means yet another appearance by a certain Mr. Tom Brady whom I must admit is playing some of his best football and is looking as dangerous as ever.

As much as I dislike him…he is the GOAT

Still, I hate all teams BOSTONCeltics, Red Sox and Bruinsall of them!!!

Now with the festivities ahead, I made sure to get up early so that I accomplished all that I had planned with no excuses. That included my Sunday morning meditation session, my 30 minutes workout and, drafting and publishing this blog. I’m probably going to do some vacuuming too just to get those extra steps in.

I must do my best to be as positive as I can be this morning because once the friends come over, the anthem is sung and the kick off takes place, all hell will break loose as most of my friends are silly Patriots fans.

Now don’t get me wrong, this will be a fun 3 hours of football and I’m looking forward to it, however, I have a feeling that Brady will be getting his 6th ring tonight.

My prediction for tonight’s matchup: Patriots 27 to Rams 24.

Best Running Back in Football? Todd Gurley

As much as I would like my favourite player Todd Gurley to run wild on the Patriots a la Hulk Hogan, I think that Bill Belichick’s defense will not allow that to happen. And I can’t trust Jared Goff to outplay Tom Brady at the QB position in a Super Bowl. My wildcard player for the Rams, however, is CJ Anderson. If he goes off, my team may pull this one off.

Anyways, this was just a little football talk for the sports fans out there. Also, a reminder to stay disciplined today.

If you are having a massive cheat day as I am, try to get a workout in this morning and to stay as active as possible throughout the day. Don’t forget, this inexpensive tool can work wonders for a quick but effective workout.

“Learn to sit back and observe. Not everything needs a reaction”

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