Days Like This

What to do when you wake up early in the morning to find out that you all of a sudden reside in the coldest capital city in the world? Then, add the fact that this city is in the middle of a winter storm warning that can result to anywhere upwards of 30 cm of snow by end of day.

This spring, I will be registering my daughter in a soccer league. I was all set to head to SportChek this morning for some clearance day shopping for her accessories and now that won’t happen because apparently, I went to sleep for a night and woke up in Nunavut.

Everyone that knows me knows that I become the biggest procrastinator during winter season. I don’t go out; there’s no shaving, no haircuts and no stylish clothing to be worn. I just become as grizzly as I can and don’t give a damn. Attracting and impressing females is the least of my concerns when it’s -15 Celsius outside.

I think it’s a great thing to do if you are confident in yourself and unbothered by everybody else’s meaningless opinions.  You can boost your self-esteem when spring comes around.

When the snow has melted and the grizzly appearance disappears, it feels like I’m an entirely new person with a fresh start.

It’s a strange but great feeling when people start to compliment you because I guess they forgot your “clean” look just a few months prior. And I would still get random compliments with my grizzly look as well.

It’s not even 5 am yet…all day

Now, as much as I hate days that look like the one pictured above, there is a bright side. Since I will pretty much be a prisoner in my home all day, that means I have at least 14 productive hours in my hands to do all things constructive.

The first thing on my list was a good home workout for 30 minutes or more while my daughter was still sleeping. I wanted to be quiet so I used one of my favorite accessories, the Doorway pull up bar.

I love it because you can do 12 exercises for a whole body workout quietly in the comfort of your home. All you need is a doorway and you are good to go.

I’m a smaller guy and I always preferred doing calisthenics. I lift weights as well, but they are not always readily accessible. I do not go to a gym as I never believed in paying and traveling to get in shape. It does not motivate me at all.

However, I must admit, some ladies working out in those Lulu Lemons at the gym can make it worth the price of admission.  

I do believe in investing in your health, so I purchased a Bowflex a few years ago. Why?  So that I can use it on my own terms with no contract, no hour’s restriction and there is no sharing or worrying about a stranger’s fluids on it. In fact, no one can tell me when I get to use it. It just made more sense to invest in it, rather than invest and commit to going to a gym.

Bowflex Extreme 2 SE- Still works great & not too spacious either

If I don’t have access to weights or my Bowflex, I can’t make excuses. There are countless exercises that can be done without them. I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder, I’m just trying to stay lean so diet is my most crucial step and then, it’s any other activity type than can give my whole body a workout.

**A lot of employee benefits offer health credits to which you can apply to health and fitness equipment. It’s something to look into.

The key is to stay motivated and disciplined. I didn’t fully understand it at first, but I’m seeing first hand that it is working for any goal that I am chasing. 

Invest in your health. Purchase small inexpensive items that can help you in your fitness journey such as the pull up bar mentioned earlier or an ab roller.

Just 10 to 15 minutes with any of those items can work wonders towards your progress and discipline because they are immediately accessible to you. They are great for days when you are snowed in such as I am today, or unable to travel to the gym.

If you are looking for exercise ideas or motivation in general, you will find some here.

In all honesty, I envy any of you who are having a warm sunny day right now.

“Dead last finish is greater than did not finish, which trumps DID NOT START.”

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