A Father with A Plan

And here we are…just a couple of days away from 2019. I mean WOW!!!

Not too long ago, many people in the world didn’t even believe they would see year 2000 with the Y2K scare. I remember the panic like it was yesterday. I mean June 2019 will mark 10 years since the legendary Michael Jackson passed away. I remember that day like it happened this morning.

I guess I’m just baffled and fascinated as to how fast time is flying. I mean if you sit back and really think about it, a lot of it is a blur.

I’m a lucky father who gets to spend time with his daughter every day. I’ve seen her first steps and heard her first words. I was with her at the bus stop on her first day of school. She’s going to be 6 years old in July and I am currently witnessing the loss of her first tooth. So many memories and yet, most of the 5 years that passed are a blur.

Why is that?

People keep tell me that I’m too focused on my goals and need to take it easy. I work too hard they say. I always find myself wondering, “are they right?” Or maybe it’s them that don’t work hard enough? And what exactly is working too hard?

Those of that opinion should define it to me. Are they saying that I am expanding too much energy in my quest of becoming a better me? Or are they stating that I am devoting too much time in what I feel is necessary for my being to improve?

I must wonder as generally people only seem to throw that statement at me when I reject them on a request, like going out for drinks or to a party. None of which will help my wallet, my goals or improving myself. 


That quote just about sums it all!

I’m at a stage in life where I would much rather stay home and jot ideas for a blog with my daughter at my side than to go out and do the typical same mindless mingling surrounded by mostly mundane conversations.

Look, I’ve had plenty of friends, plenty of girlfriends, parties, drinks, good times, celebrations, laughs, trips, wins, losses, successes and failures in my lifetime. But the one thing I’ve never had is financial freedom. Not even close.

And right now, I crave it.

I’m reading and listening to the likes of Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn and Earl Nightingale for inspiration along as newer motivators such as Tony Robbins and Dan Lok.

With that type of freedom, my daughter would have the most options possible to a brighter future and nothing would make me happier. I understand why people don’t get it right now, but my daughter will understand and appreciate it later on.

That would complete me, keep me at ease and it would be all worth it….no regrets!

I wrote this thinking of other like minded parents. If you have a plan, chances are that another will never fully understand it or respect it. Even your spouse might give you a hard time at achieving it because it doesn’t align with her/his goals and plans.

But relationships is a whole other topic for another day.

All this to say don’t let another deter you from your goals. In the end, it won’t be worth it no matter what they say or how you view it. Don’t end up being one of those individuals that blame everyone but themselves for the situations they’re in.

If you have goals, live them up so that you have some level of content whether you achieve them or not because the REGRET of not trying is a terrible feeling to live with.

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. Much health, wealth and success!!

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