Bah humbug!!!

Bah humbug! Those are the first words that comes to mind every time the Christmas season approaches. From the moment the Halloween sales are over, and the isle displays in every store switch over to the Christmas themes.

From the moment I turn on the radio and the Christmas carols and songs start integrating themselves in every musical mix… Bah humbug!

From the moment every television channel plasters my screen with Christmas offers and deals that are never better than the deals offered the day after Boxing Day or the ones from the previous Black FridayBah humbug I say!

Year after year, it’s inevitable. It’s that one holiday that fills the kids hearts full of joy. The lights, the Christmas trees, the chants, the days off school. It’s a week of paradise as it should be. And the parents of course follow suit as they do their all to please these kids, naughty or not, even if they can’t afford it. Even if it’s about to make their next calendar year leading to next Christmas miserable, it’s worth it…right?

My colleague, this strange lady, complains year-round that she doesn’t make enough money and that she is broke. Keep in mind that this same lady buys her coffee every morning, her lunch regularly, orders beers when we lunch out for someone’s birthday, but she’s broke? Oh, and she also makes more than me on the salary scale.

She’s still married to a business owner, big house, the whole nine yards. Just for the record, I didn’t pry into her life, she openly discusses her financial successes and failures to the office, so this is fair game. I’m sure we all have one of those in our workplace.

She just bought her 12-year-old son a Ski-Doo for Christmas just cause… it’s Christmas and he deserves it. I thought that was cool until she added that she got a Money Mart loan to get it done. For those of you that don’t know Money Mart, you should look them up and follow up look at their interest rates.

I mean it’s no wonder she’s broke and miserable. I’m just calling her out as everyday she feels the need to remind me and the rest of the group how broke she is sipping her $4 Starbucks Latte. She’s the same one that will the very next day, try to convince us to go out for drinks cause “We only live once”.

I think we are losing ourselves and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas or giving. We are placing way too much value on consumerism. People just getting random things to confirm they are good people, the best MOM, the best DAD.

Xmas gifts

I love giving gifts, but I can’t stand receiving them. I like giving them because I am a listener. I truly listen to people when they speak to me and really pick up on things they like. It may be small, but it’s meaningful. I on the other hand, continuously get random gifts, just to say someone got me something. I would honestly rather do without.

Granted, maybe it’s because I don’t speak much and rarely reveal things about myself? Hmm? Nah, I really doubt that’s the reason.

Maybe it’s because I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I don’t need anything given to me. I’m not rich, but everything that I want, I want to get by myself. I was never given much growing up and I made it to this point so why break the mold now?

I used to wish for things all the time. Now I just go and get them. I find it’s easier that way and more gratifying when you grasp it.

I’m not saying I don’t like or want gifts, I just don’t want the meaningless ones. I guess it’s because I’m still a grown kid at heart. When I was a younger, you could keep me entertained with something as simple as cardboard box.

Simplicity is key in life and some people just do too much. They try too hard to be the best. I could put my money down right now that my complaining colleague will be back to form next year talking about, she’s broke still paying for some Ski-Doo she couldn’t afford.

And I can certainly double down that she will make another ridiculous unaffordable purchase at the exact same time next year.

Merry Christmas and may you all have a happy and safe Holiday Season!!

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