That Feeling of Achievement

Last year was a year of realization for me. I mean I always knew that I was a talented individual that could accomplish many things, but the one thing that I lacked was focus.

For example, I’ve been a music performer for the last 10 years. Everyone I knew growing up would always tell me I was destined for greatness, but I didn’t believe it myself. I would always look at the results of my sales or the amount of views on my videos and I would tell myself that I would never make it and I could never figure out why.

I’ve always been the type of guy that tries to figure out why things don’t work and last year, I did the same with my music. On New Year’s Eve, I finally had that “Eureka!!” moment. I finally sat back and took a long look at myself in the mirror and figured out the issue… I just wasn’t focused enough.

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions but that year, I told myself that I would give my all to everything I commit to with an immense level of focus.

I kept it simple with 2 goals. The first was to self-teach myself to edit videos. I was tired of paying friends and associates $700+ for videos that would not get me any kind returns. The last video I paid for was over $900 and ended up getting me a cool 1000 views…not worth it.

My 2nd goal was even tougher. I was going to start doing full body workouts 3 times a week. Not only that, but I wanted to reduce my body fat from 17% to 12 %. I’ve never been overweight (lucky me), but I knew I had horrific eating habits and my energy was constantly low. I guess we could say I was in the skinny-fat category.

I also wanted to see if I could ever get that elusive 6-pack. Not only did I have to start working out, I had to also change my diet to eating less carbs, junk food and sweets.

I knew when I set those goals that it would be unbearable and next to impossible to do. Everyone had their 2 cents to throw in as well. However, none of it was coming from people that had accomplished any of the goals I was seeking and so I also came to realization that I was pretty much on my own.

Now we fast forward to the present. I’ve since created 10 videos for myself. Not only that, I’ve created another 15 videos for others and I’ve been very well compensated for it. I’ve expanded beyond music videos and even edited a couple of commercial ads for a nice sum.



As for the working out and the diet, my focus and discipline has paid off. I am now at 13.3% body fat and those abs are now showing. I’m physically in the best shape of my life with great energy.

I’m not sure how everyone else achieves their goals in this lifetime but mine was all initiated by one simple word… FOCUS. With focus will come discipline. Discipline will lead to results and the results will lead to success. I’ve never been the greatest at math, but I think that formula adds up.

For the new year, I will continue to strive for that 12% (body fat) so that I can get that total feeling of achievement and I hope that you will do the same for your goals. I also have new financial goals I will be sharing on blogs to come.

All it takes is FOCUS to attain whatever goals and desires you may have. The rest will follow. Does anyone else have something they will be focusing on next year?

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