Just Jump In

Life’s lessons flash in front of our eyes every day. If you take a moment, step back and reflect on them, sometimes (or I should say most times) the simplest things become analogies that you learn to live by.

For instance, I hate swimming. I always have. Its not the action of swimming that bothers me, but more how my skin feels after being in a pool for more than 20 minutes. My skin feels all reptilian for a lack of a better term. (I guess I could have just said dry or cracked) Whatever the case, I hate that feeling.

As a side note, in my youth, that issue could have easily been solved with lotion. Problem was that only my white friends had pools and strangely enough, the LARGE majority of them didn’t use or even have skin lotion at their homes unless it’s purpose was to shield them from the sun? That’s just an observation for another day.  

Back to the point. Despite how I felt after going swimming, the thing I dreaded the most was the moment before getting in the pool. No matter how warm the pool temperature was, I just knew it would be cold at initial entry. People would say “dip your foot in first” but please, that did absolutely nothing. The second option was to have someone push you in, or, run in with your friend at the same time. But that would involve having to depend on someone, no matter how you look at it.

It became clear, that the best way to do it was to jump in.

Once you are in, it’s all different. It’s cold but you adapt. You swim around. You go down and touch the bottom. You feel this sense of calm as you float on your back with an added feeling of serenity. Then, you decide to drift further. You want to leave the shallow area and explore the deep end where it’s a little more challenging and daring. For some with no training or swimming experience, it could prove too risky. It would be ill-advised, but it can still be done.

And that is where the lesson comes in. Life works pretty much the same way. We all have ideas, goals, things we want to accomplish. Things deep down we know we can do. But far too many of us are waiting for that push. (You know that friend or person to push you in).

Others wait for someone to do it with them because they believe that it’s easier than doing it themselves. They generally end up waiting forever and letting opportunities pass them by. Or that person leaves them hanging at the worst possible time, the moment of entry.

Some people drastically over analyze the situation. They remain indecisive and uncertain which often leads to them pulling away from great opportunities. Or they are too much of a perfectionist. Everything must be just perfect which in return causes delays. That is just like dipping your foot in the water. A time waster for sure.

But, if you believe in yourself, your capabilities, and you know what you want to do… then jump in. Once you’re in, you see how things are really like. You will have that moment of serenity. You’ve touched the bottom and now you see the horizon. Take pride on educating yourself on how to maneuver correctly to get further in the deep end. Learn from those around you that are headed for the same direction. You can tell the good swimmers from the poor ones

Apply the same tactics in life. There are those that will reach their goals because they are dedicated with a plan and aren’t afraid to learn how to be better. Then, there are those that will sink and try to pull you down with them.

Oh…and I still hate swimming!

*Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.- Napoleon Hill





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