Positive Thinking & Reading

Last year was one of many revelations. I worked hard at my job and got promoted along with a hefty salary increase. I self taught myself to use Adobe Pro to edit my own music videos. Took me 3 months to learn and I made over $7000 editing for others. Not bad.

My friend Dan also came to me with some marketing product called Asirvia. Dan is one of those hustlers that just constantly has a new plan to earn top dollars. I reject him most of the time, but since I had come into some new money at my job, I said why not? I invested in what he was selling and next thing you know, I made more than $1000 while doing nothing. Literally nothing. If you’re an investor looking for passive income, you should have a look.

All this to say that the universe is a fascinating place when you take a second to reflect on it. The way things work out when you set them in motion executing an idea is astonishing to me. When you wake up with a goal and you are dedicated to see it through, there’s no greater feeling than when you achieve it.

I used to dread reading books. I mean, I would read if I had to, but it was never something I was ever motivated in doing. I was more interested in comic books, entertainment magazines and the ever-popular option for most people, TV.  But now at the age of 37, it is something I truly regret. The knowledge I had access to all my life that I only took for granted. But is it too late for change? Is it ever too late to learn?

One of the secrets to last year’s success was that I had mastered the art of thinking outside the box. Not saying that reading books is out of the box, but it was outside of my box. I suddenly had a craving for investing. As a gift, I received the book The Wealthy Barber Returns. In it, the author David Chilton really breaks down the art of investing in a simple yet entertaining way. It was perfect for a then non-reader like myself.

I didn’t know much about the book or the author. All I knew was that it was about saving and investing. To my pleasant surprise, it turns out that David Chilton is also Canadian. Something about that fact made it more interesting since I could relate. Since reading it, I have a new perspective on money and long term investing.

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and investor and last year I took different approaches to achieve it. This year I’m taking on the task to add more skills and knowledge to my repertoire. I’m building my own property management company and I’ve never been so motivated to go after it.

I’m interested in hearing from anyone who may have the same kind passion. From the risk takers that don’t want to be the norm, but to blend in with them. Don’t be shy to let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you know of any other books I should check out, please drop names below. I’m not really interested in novels and fairy tales…only Health, Wealth & Success!

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